Exploring hypnotic


STONED is emerging label powered by Nikita Cano that explores hypnotic and outsider sides of contemporary techno house music.


November, 2016

Launched as STONED


february, 2014

Reinvented as label.FM


July, 2010

Founded as miniFM

Originally intended as a creative outlet for sound experiments of one artist, STONED was initially launched in 2010 as Nikita Cano's private imprint under the name miniFM. All music released by then was created using ideas coming from minimalistic approach and aesthetics. 

After a series of releases, the focus has shifted from founder's own music (that he was creating under nickname Pheoru at that moment) to his findings in intelligent electronic music. Therefore, during 2012 and 2013 label's roaster has been extended in order to constantly introduce brand new names in contemporary dub techno — Ohmikron, Until 33, LavrovMartin Hatch, Micro G, Volodey, Deepkey, J Toubas and more.

The pressure rose to its maximum as miniFM was providing online shops with new experimental releases on a weekly basis. Stuck in its own virtual limits, the project was paused and then relaunched again under a new moniker label.FM in 2014.

Its new concept was developed and designed as a family, club or society: the imprint became a secure platform for a number of sound producers including Meloque, Lem Bertch, Janno Kekkonen and Tidlös to release their new music without any fear of being lost in expanded back catalogues.

Adjusting to the new reality of streaming platforms, in 2016 Nikita Cano has taken a decision to release the majority of label.FM's music in a form of compilations so that the fan bases of imprint's artists could grow simultaneously. This powerful strategy has proven its efficiency and the imprint started to grow again. Later, a chain of events including founder's move from Moscow to Barcelona has resulted in label's further sound and visual aesthetic transformation.

Since 2017, STONED is emerging label exploring hypnotic and outsider sides of contemporary techno house music. The entire project's music base is available on Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and other major online platforms. Previews can be accessed via Soundcloud.

If you want to collaborate, please don't hesitate to contact Nikita Cano directly over e-mail. This project is a work in progress and we are always up for something new.



Nikita Cano


EP, 2018


single, 2017

Gothic Rave Queer

EP, 2017

Ketamine Dream

Single, 2017


Album, 2015




Compilation, 2016


Compilation, 2016


EP, 2015




Compilation, 2016


compilation, 2016


Lem Bertch

Dark Blue Dress

Single, 2015

Back In

EP, 2014


EP, 2012


Janno Kekkonen

Human Body

EP, 2016

Okinawa Mood

Single, 2015

Deep as It Should Be

EP, 2015